Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Driven to abstraction (1)

One of the reasons I don't post many of my own photographs on here is that I seldom take pictures anyone else finds all that interesting. I'm fascinated by geometry and texture and quirky light effects and bizarre found objects. And I tend to noodle around with extreme close-up views and odd camera angles, and deliberate fuzzy focus or movement blur. I'm into oddity. I  don't photograph people or buildings or views very much any more. In fact, it's become increasingly rare that I photograph anything that you'd recognise at first glance.

Hence this representative sample, from among the shots I took while on my hols a couple of months back.

This, for example, is a skewed view of the edge of the enquiries window at the entrance to the Yunnan Military Academy Museum in Kunming. I fancied there was a bit of an M.C. Escher thing going on with moulding of the corners here.

And this is a wrinkled napkin. I was hoping the ultra close-up, and the soft focus, and the natural lighting would completely conceal the texture of the fabric to render something really abstract - and perhaps evocative of a Martian landscape. I've achieved much better results with this kind of thing on other occasions, but this is the only one I seem to have in this particular batch of photos.

And this is the air intake of a jet fighter plane which is on display in the grounds of Kunming Zoo. 

These canopy roofs with large circular or oval cutouts seem to be quite a common architectural trope in China. This one's on the waterfront in Hankou. I snapped it mainly for the dazzling blue sky above.


John said...

Glad to see more photos here. You write thousands of words already but, well you know what they say about pictures.

Froog said...

More coming soon, John.