Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Is it that time of year again?

Yes, goddammit - less than two weeks to go until Chinese National Day.

In the last few years, government anxieties about possible 'subversion' in the vicinity of the great annual pageant of isn't-the-Communist-Party-wonderful? have been even greater than they are in the lead-up to June 4th. And so the crackdown on Internet traffic has been even more extreme.

My trusty VPN appeared to get squelched for a while this morning (although that might have been just a temporary 'local' problem); it has been serially losing proxy servers for some time now, with most of the North American options and increasing numbers of the European ones denied me. My Internet connection, often vexingly intermittent, has been crashing on me every few minutes today. And even when it is working, pageloads are treacly SLOW.

You might not be hearing much more from me for a while...

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