Friday, May 27, 2011

Haiku for the week

Blue skies too can bore;
Perfect weather starts to pall;
Happiness fatigue!

Ungrateful so-and-so that I am - after two or three weeks of this hot-but-not-too-hot early summer bliss, I was growing impatient for a change of weather, any sort of change. Even a few days of smoggy humidity would at least introduce some welcome variety. But a good old summer downpour was sorely overdue! (There was thunder and lightning along the northern fringes of Beijing yesterday morning, but it somehow passed the city by without evolving into a proper rainstorm. Then, in the early afternoon, the dark clouds suddenly started massing again. Pity I was just setting out on a 70-minute commute to work!! But still, I was as excited as a 10-year-old schoolboy.)


Tony said...

Know what you mean. After a year of glorious blue bloody Egyptian skies I was so delighted when I came back to a grey drizzle.

Froog said...

Ah, grey drizzle! One of the few things I get nostalgic for.