Thursday, May 12, 2011

Don't be evil!

And I'd say that 'evil' encompasses wanton mischief as well, Sergey. And staggering ineptitude and obtuseness that is likely to needlessly cause aggravation and inconvenience to others.

Yes, I am once again royally pissed off with Google. 

Some of their techie assclowns somehow decided a few days ago that it would be cool to tweak the account settings - without telling anyone - in such a way that your Google account, instead of displaying the online username that you've been using for years, would now show your actual first name from a completely different set of data.  WTF?

Really, chaps, you should never, never, NEVER change the way someone's personal information is accessed or displayed without giving them some say in the matter beforehand. For me, it is (I hope!) merely a brief annoyance. For some people (especially in the paranoid and repressive country in which I live), preserving one's online anonymity is essential to keeping oneself out of prison.

Google, you should be ashamed of yourselves. And I hope the assclowns responsible for this monumental screw-up are soon out of a job.

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The Weeble said...

Oh whatever, Dave.