Saturday, April 30, 2011

Film List - My favourite actresses

In lieu of a 'Fantasy Girlfriend' post this month, here's a quick rundown of my favourite swoonsomely gorgeous and talented actresses working in the cinema today - a shortlist for possible future enrolment as 'Fantasy Girlfriends'.  (Tilda SwintonIsabelle Huppert, Kate Beckinsale, and Zhou Xun are omitted here only because I've already done FG posts on them.)

Froog's Favourite Actresses

Cate Blanchett

Amy Adams

Ellen Page

Mimi Rogers

Kristin Scott Thomas

Rosemarie DeWitt

Sophie Marceau

Isabelle Adjani

Salma Hayek

Parker Posey

Drew Barrymore

Bridget Fonda

Natalie Portman*

Paz Vega

Eva Green

Charlize Theron

Lucy Liu

Nicole Kidman

Thandie Newton

Milla Jovovich

Gong Li

Catherine Keener

Halle Berry

Anne Hathaway

Penelope Cruz

Naomi Watts

Emma Stone

Abbie Cornish

That's enough actresses.  Ed.

[* Exquisitely lovely - and dauntingly intelligent - though Ms Portman is, I find myself unable actually to fancy her. I fear she was rendered permanently off-limits by her debut performance in Léon. She was already clearly going-to-be-gorgeous, but it didn't seem decent to acknowledge that fact - since she was only 12 or 13 years old at the time. The mental barrier I erected to prevent myself being attracted to her beauty when she was still a child is, I find, still obstinately in place. Whenever I look admiringly at her lovely features now, there's an inner voice that screams at me, "Stop that! Don't you remember you first saw her in Leon?!"  Curse that darned film!!]

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