Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Some midweek silliness for you

A week or so ago, I happened upon this wondrous oddity on YouTube - a video from a goofy young Canadian called Corey Vidal (who evidently has far too much time on his hands, posting scads of this home-made frivolity under the username ApprenticeA).  This one is  a celebration of the Stars Wars films, featuring young Corey doing multi-screen lip-syncing to an a cappella medley of arrangements of John Williams' famous musical themes from the series (and a few other films as well) with lyrics plundered from the dialogue - performed by a comedy singing group from Salt Lake City called Moosebutter ("We sound like baldness feels"): you can buy this song (or just check out all the lyrics) at their own website above.  I'm not a Star Wars fan myself, but I loved this.

Enjoy  -  Star Wars (John Williams Is The Man).

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