Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Fantasy Girlfriend - Judge Anderson

I was never much of a fan of comic books, but... it was hard to resist the ebullient black humour of 2000 AD, which burst upon my consciousness in the mid-80s when I was an undergraduate (although I gather it had first been launched in 1977).

And it was hard - impossible - to resist the allure of Judge Anderson, much the most gorgeous of a number of lissom sidekicks to the central character Judge Dredd, the unsmiling law enforcer of the future metropolis of MegaCity One. She was soon promoted to being a lead character in many adventures of her own.

Athletic figure? Check. Intelligent and resourceful?  Check.  Sassy attitude? Check. Red hair? Check (although it was sometimes blonde in the later stories). Psychic abilities? Check (hence her frequent admonition to the bad guys: "Don't even think about it!").  I'm not quite sure why that last feature should be attractive, but somehow it is. Perhaps it's just the inversion of Napoleon Dynamite's celebrated observation: "Guys dig chicks with skills."

There was a rather good little comic store on Cowley Road in East Oxford when I was a student there. The poster on the back of my door through most of my undergraduate career was a reproduction I bought there of some of the magazine's original cover art (supposedly 'limited edition' - I wonder what became of that? It might be quite valuable now!) with Anderson in the pose above. I believe she was sealing a wormhole into another dimension which some malefactor had created to unleash a horde of demons and such into our universe. "Zip it, creep!" she snarled, as she levelled her blaster-gun at the perp. It seemed to me a particularly appropriate injunction to my visitors who might have neglected to close my door behind them... or might have been just returning from the toilet...

And did I mention her figure?


Tony said...

I think there's a subtext here: you're telling us that you enjoy being beaten up by women, if not actually shot. Perhaps best if your girl friends stay as fantasies, then.

Froog said...

I have heard that such fantasies are not uncommon, but they've never gained a foothold in my erotic imagination, Mr B. Although I did once have a disturbingly vivid dream in which my great lost love, "The Evil One", was a SWAT sniper who shot me in the back... That was decidedly not an arousing dream, though (yes, yes, I was a bank robber; but I was unarmed, for heaven's sake!).

Quite a few of these 'Fantasy Girlfriend' choices of mine have been of a similar quality, I admit. I suppose Cass (Cassandra, of course) Anderson was a sort of 22nd century Emma Peel.

I think for me the attractiveness of prowess in the martial arts is that such physical robustness tends to suggest also an emotional robustness, a forceful and self-confident personality.