Monday, January 24, 2011

Wu Yuren's trial set to resume

The resumption of the trial of my artist friend Wu Yuren has been set for this Friday, 28th January, at 9.30am.  That's more than 10 weeks on from the initial hearing, where the police testimony was presented.

His lawyer, Li Fangping, tells us that there's almost always a separate hearing for sentencing, so the proceedings are unlikely to be concluded this week - unless by some happy chance the judge does decide to dismiss the case (which, given the preposterousness of the charge against him, and the police failure to provide promised video evidence in support of it, is perhaps not entirely impossible - though a bit of a long shot, I fear).  I've got a nasty feeling that this Friday's hearing will just be a token session for the presiding judge to be formally notified of the absence of any additional videotape evidence, and that we might face another lengthy adjournment before they're ready to deliver a verdict.  Let's hope not.  This nightmare has dragged on far too long already, and we want it to be over and done with as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, Lawyer Li is flying out for his Spring Festival break on that day (the court authorities probably knew this), so Dawu will have to be represented by his assistant - not ideal for a session where there might just possibly be an opportunity to present a motion for dismissal.

As before, the hearing will be in the Wenyuhe Courthouse, out to the east of the city in Louzizhuang.  We hope that as many people as possible will turn out once again to give moral support.

The trial hearing will once more be held in Court #16 at Wenyuhe Courthouse (Tel: 010 8599 8553, 010 8431 3271).  This is in Chaoyang District, but quite some way out of the centre of the city, in Louzizhuang Village, Jinzhan Town.

You can get there as follows:

Bus routes 306, 350, 639, 659, 983, or 989 to Louzizhuang Station.

By car, take the Airport Expressway No. 2 (the one that's an extension of Chaoyang Park Rd.) to the Louzizhuang exit, drive north to Louzizhuang Road, then turn right and drive east for around 1,500 metres along Louzizhuang Road: the courthouse is about 150 metres after the traffic lights, on the north of side the road.

朝阳法院温榆河法庭地址:北京市朝阳区金盏乡楼梓庄村温榆河法庭, 法庭#16。
朝阳法院温榆河法庭乘车路线:乘坐306、350、639、659、983、989 在楼梓庄路口西站下车,东行300米路口即到。

If you can't make it out to Louzizhuang this Friday, please keep Wu and his family in your thoughts - and check for more news here at the end of the week.

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