Saturday, December 11, 2010

'No Fun' Day

I hear the police were out in force over the last couple of days around the little bar district centred on Nanluoguxiang (a short walk from my apartment). They were asking if there had been any party bookings for Friday night. (I don't know if this activity was repeated all over town, or if it was just a local initiative.)

On the day itself, they got even more anxious, and were starting to tell restaurants that they should not accept any group bookings for that night.  Unfortunate for anyone whose birthday falls on December 10th!  Or for anyone celebrating Christmas a little early, having farewell drinks before flying home, or just wanting to let off some steam with friends or colleagues at the end of another working week.

It certainly put the kibosh on my plan to throw a costume party where everyone would come dressed as a Nobel Prize winner.

[And I fear it bodes ill for today's SantaCon.  Or perhaps it's panic over and everything back to normal on December 11th?]


Anonymous said...

Santacon...oh dear.

Froog said...

I hear it went off more or less without a hitch, actually. Some people discouraged from going on to T Square by the elevated security there, but nothing too serious.

Not my scene, but I have a couple of friends who usually take part.