Friday, December 10, 2010

Haiku for the week

Tyrants grow nervous.
No day of celebration;
Rather, day of fear.

Liu Xiaobo should be taking his place among the other Nobel Laureates at today's awards ceremony in Oslo.  Of course, he isn't.  And the Chinese Communist Party is obsessively eager to try to ensure that no Chinese citizen is in attendance: all the "usual suspects" (including his family) have been - if not under effective house arrest - at least under close surveillance this week, and denied permission to travel outside the country.

And the tinkering with the Internet censorship apparatus is gearing up for another major suppression-of-communication on this day.  Even Witopia had a serious wobble for a while yesterday.  The Kafka Boys have evidently been given instructions that no-one within China should be allowed to hear about or discuss what is happening today.

And I think, Why only today, you morons?  The rest of the world is going on with its business every day; and every day China is getting left further behind - socially, intellectually, morally.  It's time to tear down the wall, guys, and let the truth in.  The Ostrich Policy has had its day.

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