Friday, October 08, 2010

The art of the lie-in...

... is something I have sadly lost in recent weeks.  I've been turning in late far too often (sometimes very late), but am waking at 7 am every morning, and am unable to nod off again - however exhausted I'm feeling.

But enough of my problems.  That intro was but a feeble thematic link to this... a little end-of-the-week treat for you: the video for the song Her Morning Elegance by Israeli singer-songwriter Oren Lavie, from his debut album The Opposite Side Of The Sea (which I happened upon yesterday by purest chance).

[I'm not sure how much I like the song. The lyrics are interesting, but musically it doesn't really work for me. However, it is a gorgeous video, a superb example of the stop-motion animation technique I was showcasing on here a few weeks back.  In fact, I think it is one of best pieces of stop-motion using live actors that I've ever seen - right up there with Sledgehammer and Jan ┼ávankmajer.

And the girl is extraordinarily beautiful.]

I come a little bit late to this.  Apparently this video was nominated for a Grammy earlier this year (but didn't win??), and has spawned a number of tributes and imitations - including this "official parody".

It's also worth checking out this short 'making of' featurette.

And you can now buy art prints (strictly one made of each) of the 2,096 still photographs used to create the video here.


JES said...

I'm so glad you alerted me (off the board, so to speak) to this post. That's a MARVELOUS film!

Froog said...

Glad you liked it. Another one you might have to keep below the radar of The Missus.

JES said...

Point taken. Funnily enough, a week or so after I saw it here, she forwarded it to me, too. So I'm off the hook!

Froog said...

Gosh, she doesn't read Froogville, does she?

You might have to become more circumspect about your responses to the Fantasy Girlfriends strand.