Monday, September 27, 2010

Panda fury

A friend sent me this yesterday.  I gather it's one of the latest 'viral' favourites on the Internet - a TV ad campaign for the 'Panda' brand range of cheese products from the Cairo-based Arab Dairy Products Co.

This is possibly the most sinister advertising premise I've ever seen (I suspect those sticky-beaks at the British Advertising Standards Authority would veto something like this on the grounds that it might terrify young children or encourage random acts of violence by rejected salesmen), but it is very, very funny.

[I feel such 'panda moments' coming on all too frequently myself of late, especially whenever I cross the road.  "NEVER accelerate towards a laowai!"]


Froog said...

I'm planning to launch a line of men's novelty underwear in panda patterns. I think the slogan will transfer well: NEVER say no to a panda!

Froog said...

Boo, boo! They deleted The Panda from Youtube??

This makes no sense, if done at the behest of Arab Dairy. It's free advertising for them!

I wonder if YouTube - or the law in Egypt - has restrictions on the dissemination of advertising campaigns that are still 'current'?

There seem to be an awful lot of other ads up on YouTube, some of them very recent. So.... maybe it is just cheesemakers being inept??

Cedra Wood said...

Oh, my...

Buddy Holly would be so proud.

Froog said...

I hope so.