Friday, June 25, 2010

Haiku for the week

Straddling two timezones -
The brain wilts from the effort
Living in two worlds

The World Cup is killing me. But gosh, it's a good one this year.

Work is slackening off for me again, and - but for a series of lectures which require hours of preparation making PowerPoint slides for (my chore for today!) - I would have plenty of free time to recover from the frequent late nights/early mornings. Alas, that 8 or 10 hours of prep each week is ruining my life: I just can't find that much free time in my schedule without getting up stupidly early in the morning, or working in the evenings. Well, at least it's nearly done now....

I am seriously contemplating flying to America for the quarter-finals onwards, though. This being in the wrong timezone is wretched.

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