Friday, June 11, 2010

Haiku for the week

Blue skies after rain:
City never felt so clean -
Everywhere freshness.

Gosh, yes, it was a nice day yesterday. Today, by contrast, has dawned clammy and overcast. The full-on Beijing summer - when the shitty days outnumber the good ones about three to one - is now just around the corner. I have a regretful sense that yesterday afternoon might have been the last perfect day we'll see until September. Sigh.


JES said...

An FM-radio DJ in New York named Vin Scelsa used to declare something like, "Beautiful outside today. It's one of the three perfect days in 19[whatever]." I could never figure out how he knew in advance how many perfect days there would be, and I didn't listen to him often enough to know if the count simply went up by 1 every time he did the announcement.

(Well, I'll be damned -- he's actually got a fairly complete Wikipedia entry.)

Froog said...

I suppose I'll have to go and check that now.

Has somebody recorded the Scelsa Rating for each year, ranking them according to his assessment of how many 'perfect days' each produced?