Monday, June 21, 2010

The football anthology

Yes, it's all football, all the time in my world just lately. Sorry about that to all of you non-sports fans.

Here's a quick roundup of all the football-related items from the past week or so (adapted from this post I added yesterday to my burgeoning World Cup discussion thread [thanks to The British Cowboy, The Swordsman, Stuart, Tony B, Richard P, Mr G, JK, and Gary for joining in the griping, jesting and prognosticating so far]).

A couple of days ago, I added the updated 2010 version of our rousing English football song, Three Lions (complete with a very good - and refreshingly high picture quality - fan video of some the the great moments in England's footballing past), to the 'Great Songs' series on The Barstool.

A week ago on Froogville, I had posted a selection of great England goals, including Gazza's impish piece of wizardry against the Scots at Wembley in Euro 96 and John Barnes out-Brazilling the Brazilians at the Maracana Stadium (in '84, was it?).

Amongst the other football-related frippery on my blogs, we've had a wonderfully barbed observation on Lionel Messi from JK, my favourite bar owner, and a deft metaphor of my own drawing on the Robert Green cock-up to comment on my state of being (it's not only Nick Hornby who can play that game), a headline from an American tabloid celebrating their 1-1 result against England as "a win", a LEGO re-enactment of the two key moments in that game.... and some speculation on how they might be reporting the World Cup in the DPRK.

And of all the many (more serious) articles about the tournament I've been reading online over this weekend, I think this blog post from the Football365 website best sums up what's going wrong for Capello and England. We still have a couple of days to try and put some of that right....

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