Sunday, June 27, 2010

And again....

In their highlights the other day of the final World Cup Group H game between Switzerland and Honduras, CCTV showed the little Central American side apparently netting a goal.

This was the last item featured in the highlights, so it was presumably late in the game (although that might be a large assumption; chronology - or any other kind of logic - does not always figure in the structuring of these little roundups of the action on Chinese television). It was only shown once: there was not even a single replay, much less the multiple views and diagrammatic analysis we usually get for narrow offside calls. And there was no sound commentary over the top of it (even with my limited Chinese, I think I would have been able to recognise if the goal had been disallowed for a foul or an offside, if anyone had told us).

Since the game ended goalless, I gather this strike must not have counted for some reason; but on the very brief glimpse of it CCTV5 afforded, it looked perfectly good to me. And let me repeat: there was absolutely no explanation of this incident at all.

Just when I think CCTV5 can't possibly get any worse, they come up with some new way to astound and annoy me!!!

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