Monday, April 26, 2010

The world's bizarrest review

Today in the studio (yes, I'm finally getting some microphone work again, after four months of severe drought!).....

A young Chinese man and woman discussing a film they've just seen:

"I thought the acting was so good it was almost like ballet."


If they'd said "like opera", one could have read it as sarcasm; but "like ballet" is positively dada-ist! And quite unintentionally so, I'm sure.


JES said...

To be charitable, maybe the speaker meant it as a foreshortened analogy: "This film's acting is to mere acting as ballet is to mere dance."

What was your role at this session -- were you supposed to be vetting the voiceover for proper English, or somehow cleaning it up? If so, what in the world did you do with this?

Froog said...

Well, we usually polish-as-we-go (for no additional remuneration); but when we happen upon something as outlandish (and low-on-fixability) as this, we usually just let it slide - while striving to smother our smirks.