Thursday, April 08, 2010


I began the week with a short recording gig. I wasn't best pleased about being dragged way out to north Beijing at 9 in the morning on a national holiday (Qing Ming, the big ancestor-worship/grave-sweeping festival) for barely 25 minutes of work, but.... I need to maintain good relations with the studio; and it is the only job behind the microphone I've had in nearly a month.

I was yet further disgruntled and disheartened to find that my script (the instructions for a listening practice exam) had been labelled:
Older male voice (UK)

Oh well, if the cap fits, I suppose....

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stuart said...

Damn! I could have got that gig myself!

I did this kind of thing for an English voice-over of a promotional film extolling the virtues of the institution (not to mention the bigwigs and their titles) I was working for at the time. Excruciating. Didn't get paid, either.