Friday, April 02, 2010

Traffic Report - the blog stats for March

My oft-repeated pledge to cut down on the blog addiction still doesn't quite seem to be taking hold: the number of posts is down a little this month, but there were a few biggies here and there, so the wordcount is still way up there. However, given that March has been - for whatever strange reasons - a ridiculously bumper month in the last three years, I am claiming this as a small victory for self-restraint.

On Froogville last month there were 40 posts and nearly 18,000 words.

And on Barstool Blues there were 37 posts and around 12,000 words.

Nothing very interesting in the visitor stats, except that Froogville apparently had a fleeting visitor from the Islamic Republic of Iran; I rather think that must have been a terrible mistake on some imam's part. Oh, also I seem to be getting recurring though infrequent visits from somewhere in the South Atlantic, just off the West African coast (most of the user details are strangely masked, but a map location is being displayed); even more mysteriously, it seems to be moving steadily further offshore - it's now right on the Equator but due south of Ghana, and that's a long way from the mainland. At first I'd thought this must be an oil rig, but perhaps it's a yachtsman?? (Do please let us know, if you're a regular reader but thus far only a 'lurker'.)

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