Friday, April 30, 2010

Recently, on The Barstool....

Another of my occasional roundups of highlights you might have missed from 'the other side'.....

Well, last week I was outraged to discover that Beijing does not make the list of 29 Best Cities For A Man To Live (29???), while its hated rival Shanghai somehow does - at least according to fatuous online magazine Ask Men.

I also indulged in a brief rant at the inappropriateness - or, in some cases, downright ineligibility - of most of the nominees in this year's The Beijinger Bar and Club Awards.

A couple of weeks back, I celebrated my affection for the song Lili Marleen, and for the Fassbinder film of that name.

More recently, on ANZAC Day last Sunday, I posted Eric Bogle's And The Band Played 'Waltzing Matilda' (one of the most poignant of all anti-war songs, the life story of one of the Australian casualties of the Gallipoli landings) - in versions by The Pogues, Liam Clancy, and Bogle himself.

And (potentially most controversially, although it seems to have gone mostly overlooked or forgiven so far) I analysed why not all men find Chinese girls irresistible.

Much to ponder there....

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