Friday, April 16, 2010

Recently, on The Barstool....

Another brisk review of some of the recent highlights from my other blog....

Well, a couple of weeks ago, I posted this piece on a rather unusual new bar in my neighbourhood - Twang!! (This was a first excursion for me into the realm of April Fool's Day spoofery, and I am quietly chuffed with my success: a good number of my regular readers were well and truly duped by this.)

For people with a more serious interest in the Beijing bar scene, I have contributed two long posts - here and here - on the hot topic of the moment, the dramatic decline in popularity of new upmarket cocktail joint, Apothecary.

I have also introduced my readers to the usefulness of injecting some extra randomness into your lives by consulting THE COIN (with further elaborations of the madness in my method here and here).

And just yesterday I posted this piece, What's your -ism?, on the fine art of beermat flipping.


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