Monday, March 08, 2010

Difficult decisions

This from my new 'hero', Hugh MacLeod - check out his wonderful Gaping Void website, and this great interview with him on Lateral Action.


JES said...

My gosh -- not that I'm any sort of trendsetter or anything, but I subscribed to Gaping Void's email newsletter maybe 5 years or more ago. Problem was, I wanted to keep every single little drawing they sent, and the computer I had then was already bursting at the seams; if (as sometimes happened) I went a month or more without reading those emails, all of which got sorted into their own mail folder, you could practically hear the rivets popping. I finally pulled the plug on the subscription, and then somehow forgot all about it. Until now.

I'll have to see if he's got an RSS feed.

Thank you for the heads-up -- very glad to know Hugh McLeod is still in business!

Froog said...

Why am I not surprised, JES?

You spend so much more time panning for gold online than me, it's a wonder there any nuggets yet undiscovered by you.

JES said...

That "panning for gold" gives me way too much credit. If I were really panning for gold I wouldn't have the mesh set quite so finely!

One of the things I like about Froogville, for example, is that it's all over the map, subject-matter-wise. To my way of thinking, "It's quite a jumble!" is a compliment. People panning for gold in any conventional senses are more likely to have, like, one thing [whatever it is for them] in mind. Everything else would be to their way of thinking a waste of time. These are the people who much, much prefer bookstores to be clean, well-lighted, alphabetically organized, cross-referenced... Oh, and cheap, too. I'm more the "I never know what I might find, but there's always something wonderful!" sort of guy. Even if it's damned expensive.

Froog said...

Whoa - metaphors in collision there, JES.

I picture a grizzled old prospector, one tooth in his head, camped out in Border's - building a fence round one of the narrative non-fiction shelves, angrily jabbing a shotgun in the direction of any would-be 'claim-jumpers'.