Monday, March 01, 2010

Bon mot for the week

"Depression, at least, is dynamic, strangely stimulating in the changing perspectives it offers. Despair is more static, more stubborn. Despair is a shallower hole, but one from which escape seems less possible."


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Froog said...

I suppose the key difference is that depression is led by the emotions, swamping rationality; whereas despair results from a reasoned assessment of the situation, and the glum emotions follow after.

I am very mood-swingy, 'bi-polar'. I know, when I'm in a depressive trough, that it won't usually last for very long; and that in a few days I'll be bouncing around like a two-year-old, obnoxiously exhilarated with life again.

Despair is harder to overcome because I am a rational being; and every time I reassess my life, I can't help but think, "No, it is still shit."