Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Problem? What problem?

Another of this useful series of visual representations of the "East-West Cultural Gap". On the left we have our typical Occidental way of approaching problems..... and on the right, how they tend to do it in China. (The drawback with "the Chinese way", alas, is that it doesn't solve the problem, it just avoids creating a scene.)

Apparently, these amusing diagrams are the work of a Chinese graphic designer called Yang Liu (she relocated to Germany over a decade ago; if you blow the picture up to full size, you may notice that the captions are in German).


JES said...

Been reading right along over the last week, thanks to Google Reader, but woefully behind on letting you know that via comments and plain-old trackable site visits. I shall return. Must make overtures in The Pooch's direction for now.

Froog said...

No worries, as our Australian friends say, JES. I have come to assume that you are ever The King of the Lurkers, despite the occasional comment-drought.