Thursday, January 14, 2010

Frank Zappa says it best (A bon mot for the Millennium)

A couple of days ago I discovered, via the endlessly surprising Other Men's Flowers, the website, which promotes the worthy cause of atheism in the still-benighted-by-Catholicism land of my ancestors, and in particular campaigns against Eire's just introduced blasphemy law.

On the 1st January this year, the day the new law came into effect, the website challenged its provisions by publishing a selection of 25 comments on the world's major religions which would seem to meet its definition of criminal 'blasphemy'.

My favourite of these (though many of them are wise or amusing or both) is this one from the late Frank Zappa:

“If you want to get together in any exclusive situation and have people love you, fine. But to hang all this desperate sociology on the idea of The Cloud-Guy who has The Big Book, who knows if you’ve been bad or good – and cares about any of it – to hang it all on that, folks, is the chimpanzee part of the brain working.”

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