Friday, August 28, 2009

The caged bird squawks!

The numbing inconsequentiality of those last few posts should not be taken as a sign that I have succumbed to the dismal Twitter-ing mentality.
Oh, no.  I'm just enjoying being in touch with my blog again, revelling in thumbing my nose at the censors.
You see, I just remembered that during the last big Internet clampdown (beginning of June) I set up Blogger access via my e-mail account.  And it works just fine.
Ha, ha, suckers!  What are you going to try now?  Block my e-mail as well?
Well, they might.  It has been known.


JES said...

My employer is taking extreme measures along the same lines as the invisible hand which snarls your Internet connectivity. Ostensibly the reason for blocking blogs is because they are social/networking sites and hence conducive to spreading viruses.

It's hard to escape the sense that there's a little bit of Nanny State going on, though. Recently, I was unable to access The Onion "fake news" site because (said the block page) it was a sex site. A couple days later, the label had been changed to "malicious Web site." A bit closer, but still not really on-target, y'know?

Froog said...

Hmm, yes - 'satirical' and 'irreverent' would get you blocked in China, but one hopes for greater openness in The Land Of The Free.