Thursday, August 13, 2009

As the Buddha might say....

I have been bitten on the wasp by an ankle.

However, when I said this to my hosts after returning from yesterday's run, they thought I'd gone a bit doolally.

Indeed, perhaps I had. I was bitten - stung, I suppose I should say - within minutes of setting out, and didn't want to abandon my last opportunity to enjoy this magnificent route around Arthur's Seat. So I kept plodding on - despite the very considerable pain and the hypochondriacal fears of an imminent collapse into anaphylactic shock. A more-than-usually gruelling experience it was, I can tell you.

A friend of mine concussed himself a few weeks back. Trying to reassure his doctor wife over the telephone afterwards, he told her that the Prime Minister (a common befuddlement test medical personnel use) was... Tony Blair. He has subsequently tried to maintain that he was joking. Although Gordon Brown's premiership has been eminently forgettable.

Of course, currently the answer to this question would be Peter Mandelson. But I wonder how many head trauma victims or medics are going to know that?

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