Friday, July 17, 2009


My host in America, the British Cowboy, delights in surveying the 'Recycle Bin' trash his neighbours have left out, as we wander back from his neighbourhood bar at midnight on the eve of the weekly collection day.

You can tell a lot about your neighbours from the trash they leave out.

In the week following the 4th July weekend, there is of course a higher than usual proportion of six- and twelve-packs of beer and empty beer bottles. It becomes easier to distinguish the major partiers from the modest consumers, and the modest consumers from the teetotallers.

But the guy who gets through a dozen or more large bottles of Diet Dr Pepper each week - that's rather creepy!

(I struggle to understand why such a product would even exist. Why would anyone drink something that tastes that nasty, other than for the sugar hit??)

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