Friday, June 26, 2009


And I've just noticed that the electricity meter is displaying a line of ZEROs.

Well, actually, I noticed this last night. It's just that I've been so goddamned busy today that I haven't had time to go to the bank to add more credit to my recharge card. (Well, I finally got to the bank just after 5, thinking that it closed at 5.30, but......).

The last digit on my meter display is broken, so I might have as much as 9 units left. Or I might have had last night. Lately, needing to run the air-conditioning overnight, I've been burning through at least 10-12 units per day, if not 15..... so I can't quite understand why the meter hasn't run out already.

Today was not only one of the hottest days of the year, but also one of the first to be significantly humid as well. The prospect of trying to sleep here tonight with no air-conditioning is just horrendous.

Stress, stress, stress.

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Froog said...

Luckily, I discovered that there is a special variety of self-service machine that allows you to pay utilities bill and recharge top-up cards. Unfortunately, they are only in certain branches; and very seldom in the ATM vestibules. Finding one can be a bit of a needle-in-a-haystack challenge.

I think it might be only ICBC that has them, too, since they seem to have a monopoly on processing utilities bills. And I just closed down my ICBC account, because of the utter crapness of their service in so many other respects.

I'm not sure if these machines accept debit cards from other banks for payment. Not much idea how they work at all, in fact, since there doesn't seem to be an English-language menu option.

Fortunately for me, one of my favourite ex-students volunteered to help me out. There happens to be one of these magic bill-paying machines (in a 24-hr vestibule) near her apartment.

It's beside Exit C of the Heping XiQiao subway station, if you're interested.