Monday, June 29, 2009

Flu Corner

One of the spammers who's somehow got hold of one of my e-mail accounts recently is an Australian travel agency.

Amongst the 'helpful travel tips' they've been bombarding me with, there's been a heavy emphasis on escaping A/H1N1 infection.

Apparently, I should try to "avoid places where flu sufferers congregate".

What, like they have their own social sub-culture now? Are nightclubs ditching their midweek Gay & Lesbian nights in favour of the much more popular Flu Nights? Do sleepy little caf├ęs hold Saturday afternoon 'Flu Corners' to facilitate 'virus exchange'? Are there 'Flu Sufferers', 'Recovered Flu Sufferers', and 'Aspiring Flu Sufferers' groups flourishing on Facebook?

Did they just mean to suggest avoiding crowded public places, I wonder? Or did they mean "avoid places where there is a higher likelihood of encountering sick people" (i.e., hospitals, clinics, doctor's offices!)? But the idea that there are places where flu sufferers deliberately gather together.... well, it gave me a good laugh!

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