Saturday, May 09, 2009

My Fantasy Girlfriend - Danelle Folta

Amongst the adjectives used to describe women that are most likely to arouse my interest, I would say, are lithe, taut, lissom, and sometimes even rangy. These days, of course, 'fit' has become a - barely respectable or respectful - term of general approbation for an attractive woman; but I tend to be attracted towards women who are more literally fit; I like a girl who works out, a girl with a little bit of muscle and very little fat, a girl with a flat stomach and lean, well-shaped legs. That's a large part of the reason I've always had such a fascination with dancers, I think.

And Ms Folta is one of the most formidably well-conditioned women I have ever encountered. And, ah yes, tall redheads* are another recurring weakness of mine - my kryptonite, if you will. And, oh my god, cheekbones you could slice bacon on! (I find her features a little reminiscent of the marvellous Greta Garbo, the greatest of all my great swoons of yesteryear.) Yes, dangerously close to the 'ideal' woman.

I gather from my online researches that, although American, she spent much of her early working life doing catwalk modelling in Europe, and for some years gamely resisted invitations to go nude for the likes of Playboy. She did eventually agree to become a Playmate in 1995, but she doesn't seem to have done a great deal of 'glamour' work subsequently (and certainly none of the really naughty stuff) - although it is rather difficult to find pictures of her in which she is not in an embarrassing state of undress (and I don't want this to become that kind of blog!). Prude that I am, I have tracked down some more decorous photographs to share with you.
No, it would appear that she is a feistily intelligent and fiercely determined lady, and, rather than follow the typical post-Playmate career options of B-movies/soft porn/celebrity's girlfriend, she decided to promote and develop the Playboy brand through using sport to support worthy or charitable causes. She founded the Playboy X-treme Team - a group of Playboy models who take part in events such as beach volleyball tournaments (of course!), mountain-biking races, and some extreme endurance competitions. Most notoriously, she led Playboy teams in the Borneo (2000) and Fiji (2002) stagings of the gruelling Eco-Challenge competition - during the latter of which she nearly died after contracting a particularly nasty foot infection.

How did I come to learn of Ms Folta - since I have never in my life read Playboy (well, hardly ever), nor had I previously heard of the Eco-Challenge events? Well, that, perhaps, is a story for another day....

* The most recent lady to capture my heart, however, is a petite - and not conspicuously sporty - blonde. So, it just goes to show that I don't really have any single 'type'.

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