Thursday, April 30, 2009

Great lines not to use

Koryo Simon staged another of his occasional screenings of North Korean (or North Korea-related) films at Bar Blu the other night. I couldn't post an advance notice for the event this time because I was without Internet access at the start of the week - ggrrrr.

The first film was a compelling Dutch-made documentary about a dashing young German conductor giving masterclasses at the Pyongyang Conservatory of Music (and encountering rampant sexism in the supposedly 'model Socialist republic'). The second, a popular North Korean romantic comedy - ponderously titled Urban Girl Comes To Get Married (can't find it on IMDB!) - was a surprising gem. Not quite such a riotous romp as the "Korean Godzilla" Pulgasari that we saw a few months back, but strangely charming and very funny in parts.

A beautiful city girl visits a rural village to help with the rice harvest (still a twice-yearly ritual for almost all of the DPRK's urban populace) and develops a crush on a dashing farmer. Unfortunately the young swain is rather brusque and stand-offish with her because he is obsessed 24/7 with striving to improve farming methods and build the "workers' paradise".

Amongst my favourite thigh-slapping lines were these:

"Whenever I see you I am filled with one desire. Yes, I desire to learn your skill of making dress." (The girl is a clothes designer. Can we see a gay sub-text in this request??)

And (when she visits his house late one night; surely a promising situation...).....

"You should go home now. I have to shovel duck dung into the gas burner."

And I thought my chat was bad!!


John said...

You can watch Urban Girl Comes to Shovel Duck Crap and pretty much every NK film on YouTube, if you access to it of course. It's a much smaller (online) world these days.

Froog said...

Hmm, something else weird going on with Blogger here - not displaying your comment on the blog page, but it is visible on the comment page. How the heck does that happen?!

I suppose this may be why Simon has discontinued his film show series. A few years back Youtube's search engine was so crap you couldn't find stuff even if it was on there. Now... everything seems to be there.

I should try NOT to get addicted to North Korean cinema.