Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Swapping the days around

Well, the last two days have started off a bit drab and overcast (and we had a humdinger of a lightning storm last night, peals of thunder setting off car alarms up and down the street), but basically, apart from one grey, wet day last Thursday, we've now had 11 straight days of gorgeous sunshine - but without excessive heat or humidity.

This is NOT August weather for Beijing. It is June weather. The weather we didn't have this June (which was, in fact, mostly a time of damp, grey overcast and choking smog - the sort of thing we usually get for a couple of weeks in mid-October).

Or perhaps September weather. Certainly NOT August weather.

But if we're getting our September weather now, what are we going to get in September? And if we had our October weather in June, what are we going to get in October??

People who mess with the weather usually end up regretting it.

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