Thursday, July 24, 2008

Today's studio humdinger

A boy college student and a girl college student (as it so often is in these dialogues I have to record - ah, it keeps me feeling young!) were discussing their reading habits.

The boy revealed that he particularly liked historical novels, and mentioned two titles that he had read recently.

The girl responded: "You really are enveloped in the fictions."

For some reason, the remark reminded me of my experiences at Xinhua News!

It also occurred to me that this phrase might be somewhat apposite for our own dear Moonrat - who, in addition to launching her new online 'book club', is currently keeping The BookBook going singlehandedly. Of course, she is quite often 'enveloped' in the non-fictions, too.

1 comment:

moonrat said...

you make some interesting points here, mr. hmmmmm.

did i mention i also have a job? i know, crazy, right?