Friday, July 11, 2008

More snack innovation

I have just discovered that Lay's have introduced a 'Sichuan spice' flavour crisp ('potato chip', if you must).

My friend and recording partner, DD, has lately become pitifully addicted to the super-spicy Sichuan speciality, la zi ji - sometimes eating it two or three times a week, and, on at least one occasion, going to a restaurant with a friend and ordering a whole dish of this each. Quite unfathomable to me!

I have been beginning to think that maybe an 'intervention' is in order. This ain't right, it ain't natural, it ain't good for her - it ain't good for the social life (it's becoming impossible to lure her into going to any other sort of restaurant!).

I don't know if I dare tell her about these new crisps. Will they inflame her obsession even more? Or could they perhaps serve the office of nicotine chewing gum, and help to wean her off her excessive attachment to fiery Sichuan chicken??

Oh, the responsibility! I may have to flip a coin.

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