Sunday, July 06, 2008

Another great sporting moment

I wrote about my memories of this epic clash between Jimmy Connors and Bjorn Borg in the 1981 semi-final a year ago. Here is the climax of the match from YouTube.

I had in fact been looking for the famous 4th set tiebreak from the previous year's Borg-McEnroe final, but...... well, only a few very brief highlights of that appear to be available now. I wonder if the Wimbledon authorities tighten up on their IP enforcement while the Championships are on? A few weeks ago, it was possible to find that tiebreak on YouTube in its entirety (though broken into 4 segments - it did last nearly half an hour in all: unbelievable!), but this seems to have disappeared now (unless it's just mysteriously 'hidden' - the 'Search' function on YouTube often seems bizarrely inconsistent and unintelligent, doesn't it?).

I'm looking forward to today's Men's Final between Federer and Nadal, hoping it might be an even greater match than last year's - and perhaps with a different result. Nadal, at his best, is good enough to take Federer. And it would be harsh luck to finish as runner-up three years in succession. I seem to have been developing quite a fondness for the Spanish of late, don't I? Go, Rafa, go!!!

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