Sunday, April 27, 2008


And a further reason why I don't learn Chinese.....


An attractive language. A sexy language. A language with a rich and diverse literature, both contemporary and historic. Spoken by more people, in more countries.

If I were going to make the effort to overcome the sense that my brain is too old and tired to learn another language, then I think Spanish - not Chinese - would be the worthiest candidate for my attention.

Arabic would be a very close second.


Anonymous said...

Nicer-looking gals too :-)

Anonymous said...

Pero es muy fácil aprender el español, hombre. (Bueno, eso no debo decir yo, como no lo hablo bien, pero... es bastante fácil.)

Froog said...

Now, let me see..... is it a disincentive to learn Spanish that I can always turn to the estimable OMG for help help with translations, or an incentive to be able to flirt with her in another language?? Hmmmm.