Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A sinking in the heart....

And a spreading of the waistline.....

I was up at dawn today; and, having no work this morning, I was full of good intentions of heading out for a run. It would have been my first one in quite a while.

I looked out of my window and saw...... well, almost nothing. The visibility was even worse than the picture I posted a month or so ago, the new buildings half a mile from my balcony only shadowy spectres; the air is clotted with sand and haze. Just stepping on to my (enclosed, but not airtight!) balcony for a few moments, I could feel the dry, earthy taste in my mouth, feel the wretching, choking sensation beginning in my windpipe.

It would not be healthy to go outside in such conditions, certainly not for a run.

But damn, I am missing the exercise - it has become a necessary part of my life, and more for my mental than my physical health.

I have tried to divert myself and spend the morning profitably by reading a book. But every time I look out of the window, my spirits crash, and I start to think that I may have to leave this place.

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