Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Daily Llama

Honestly, I have thought very seriously about starting up another Blogspot blog called The Daily Llama - so that you could all enjoy cute pictures of these impressive animals every day..... and, if you were so minded, you could use the site as a forum for discussing the political situation in the western areas of "China" (something I have been wary of doing too openly on here, for fear of bringing the censors - or the visa office! - down on my neck again), and perhaps even express your support - or otherwise - for the Daily Llama himself.

My thanks to my old friend Snopes for suggesting this punning circumvention of our censorship woes on the Possible Band Names thread the other day (other suggestions on this theme have included Delhi Lamarr and Dolly Lemur).

Alas, I fear I really don't have the time or the energy to try to post a new "llama" picture every day.

And guess what?? The Kafka Boys are alert to the subversive potential of the llama (you just can't be too careful about dyslexic "splittists"!!) and are putting a block on Google image searches for the innocent creature. Really. How petty can you get?!

Well, this is China. They can get very petty indeed.


moonrat said...

can we PLEASE have a daily llama special feature on froogville?! i'll like this even more than views from toilets.

Froog said...

Only if you provide the photographs, Moonrat.

I'm afraid it really is rather difficult for me to do picture searches from here at the moment.

I will do my best to root out a picture of a llama in a toilet, just for you.

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

An Argentine Gaucho named Bruno
Said "There is one thing I do know.
A woman is fine
And a sheep is divine
But a Llama is Numero Uno."

Froog said...

Ah, I haven't heard that one in years, Mothman. Always a walk down memory lane with you!

I hope you have no personal experience of llamas in that way.

Anonymous said...

Pretty little beggars ain't they?

Anonymous said...

I want an alpaca, llamas while cute are too mean. When I was at university, the first time, one of the dorms was about a mile from campus (we were in the sticks) and we all joked about getting alpacas and riding them to school. Yeah, dorks I know.

One advantage of being already blocked I don't worry have to worry about being censored so I discuss the topic freely.

Anonymous said...

I am puzzled (it happens easily as Froog will doubtless explain...).

You were at University in the Andes...? And where do Vicunas fit into this?

I sort of see the logic of not worrying about censorship if you are 'blocked' - but isn't it a rather [i] one-sided [/i] 'discussion'?

Froog said...

Not quite following you, Mothman.

I never get much of a discussion going about anything on here, because, for whatever reason, nearly all of my readers are 'lurkers' only. Sometimes this disappoints me, but - as with women I fancy never fancying me - I grow used to it.

I am still very wary of saying anything too overt about 'the situation' you-know-where. Being blocked does not mean that I'm not still being monitored.... and the consequences of official displeasure can extend well beyond blocking the website or interfering with Internet access.

Froog said...

Isn't a vicuna the space between two Victors?

Anonymous said...

Vic's Satis