Friday, March 28, 2008

A feeling poorly again haiku

Rasping throat, hoarse voice,
Headache, cough, and runny eyes -
The air in Beijing!

Meanwhile, over on the Barstool I have just instituted a 'What's your porn star name?' diversion. I failed to mention it at the time, but that was Post No. 600 on my 'other' blog. That calls for a drink!


Tulsa said...

well, if you got stuck in last night's spring storm like the rest of us, i bet you're feeling even worse today.

Good thing I haven't got so much "need to do items" for today, as the day is shot, recoverying from last night's ordeal.... only in Beijing would a light rain storm create such havoc.

Froog said...

Yes, it took me the best part of an hour to get back from Haidian - usually only a 20-minute cab ride! It's the flipside of the usual abysmal driving standards; everyone is so nervous of making a mistake in the slippery conditions (not really having the faintest idea how to control their vehicles) that they all tiptoe along at 5 miles an hour. Honestly, the traffic was quite light and there were no major obstructions anywhere: it was simply that every single vehicle on the road was creeping along.

Anonymous said...

oh, well that's not so bad.

i took me waaaay longer to get home. if i have the energy, i might tell the story on the blog.