Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tears of laughter

If I don't get a grip in a minute, my neighbours may summon the men in white coats to take me away to the Funny Farm. I haven't laughed so hard in, oh, ages......

Via the always entertaining (and suddenly very prolific again) Webside Gleanings, I discover this list of classically dumb things that have been said recently by contestants on UK quiz shows.

Of course, when you have such obviously dim people (and dim people who are utterly petrified about being on TV - or even on the radio), it is a bit of a cruel and unusual punishment to bombard them with 'helpful hints' of the "rhymes with...." variety.

I think my favourite from this collection is:

"What name is given to the medical condition where the sufferer can fall asleep at any time?"


(Actually, that's a really tough question. And you know, I quite like 'nostalgia' here - it's not an utterly stupid guess; charmingly appropriate, in a way.....)

Mind you, the question about Dallas and the one about court jesters are both also CLASSICS. The whole list is pretty good - go check it out for a couple of minutes of soul-purging mirth.

1 comment:

Froog said...

Has anyone looked at this link yet??

Many, many great gags on there.

My other big favourite was this;-

Q: What do you call those funny men that kings and queens used to laugh at?

A: Lepers?

I thought The Bookseller would particularly enjoy that one.

I suppose an argument can be made that the contestant should have got the mark there.