Friday, February 08, 2008

Once more unto The Barstool!

I have just chosen the winners and the 'honourable mentions' from the first month of my 'invent a band name' competition over on the Barstool.

Please go and take a look. There is much amusement to be had there. Tell all your friends.

And please, keep your band name suggestions coming - I shall try to keep this feature running throughout the year.


moonrat said...

froog, where did you go to school? (in the english sense.) or is it a secret?

Froog said...

No, it's not a secret. Just a 'hidden nugget' of information I reserve for the more dedicated of my blog readers. I mentioned the name in a post (one of the Moonrat-inspired posts, at that) just a week or two ago.

Why do you ask???

Mothman said...

Even if I hadn't known the dear boy this past 20 years a careful reading of his posts shows that he is an Englishman of Irish-Brazilian descent initially educationally adrift among the Taffs, so he was...a real renaissance man and indeed a man of nations. China must seem relatively normal after that horrific 'cultural' experience, Froog. I spent a year in Wales once. I try very hard to expunge it from my memory.