Saturday, February 02, 2008

My Fantasy Girlfriend - Molly the Cheerleader

Well, no, I doubt if I would really go for a girl like this. I mean, the taut body and the bubbly personality are certainly very appealing (and these girls aren't complete airheads either - they all seem to have degrees these days); but this just isn't my type somehow.

However, I did meet the lovely Molly when she was over here with a few of her colleagues from the New England Patriots' cheerleading team last month, and was more than a little smitten.

And it is Super Bowl weekend.

And, since the Packers - the team I usually support (and would fear ever to root against under threat of being ostracised in perpetuity by my America-based amigo The British Cowboy) - were apparently edged out by the Giants in the the Conference Final the other week (I have only just discovered this - god, it's difficult to actually find the results on any of those NFL webpages!!), I am at liberty to side with my Beijing buddy The Man In Black in pulling for the Pats. And watching out for Molly on the sidelines......

The MIB and I have yet to agree on a venue for watching the game, but there are several options. I just need to make sure I can drag myself out of bed in time for what will be here in Beijing a pre-dawn kick-off.

Ah, Molly, Molly...... what is so fascinating about you? Is it the name? Is it the boots? Is it the obvious unattainability?


The British Cowboy said...

20 minutes in and Eli throws his first interception.

4 more to go.

You read it here first.

Froog said...

Fantastic game!! That has to be one of the closest and most engrossing American Football games I've ever seen.

I guess you were hating both sides, which might have made it more difficult to take any joy from the game.

Froog said...

Does Manning have a rep for throwing a lot of passes astray?

That may not be so terrible if you also make a lot of big completions - maybe just indicative of going for a lot of high risk plays?

Like Enzo Ferrari said, "If a young racing driver doesn't crash once in a while, he's not trying hard enough."

I thought Manning looked pretty fucking awesome today. That was a HUGE play to dodge the sack and make that long pass on the run to keep the touchdown drive going. Amazing game.

The British Cowboy said...

Manning has choke (usually) written all over him.

I'm not buying the great play to avoid the sack part though, despite what everyone is saying. It was a terrible terrible defensive play - they had him and just gave up (mainly because of Manning's reputation for throwing dumb ass passes under pressure that turn into interceptions). The safety/CB should also have broken it up but got sucked out of position.

And had the referees called the game in Lambeau 2 weeks ago like they called last night's game (no pass intereference) the Packers would have been playing.

All in all, a great quarter at the end of a very mediocre game.

Froog said...

Curmudge, curmudge.

I didn't catch a single game this season, and only found out the Packers/Giants result a couple of days ago..... so, maybe there have been better teams and better match-ups this season. But it was about the best Bowl I can remember seeing in..... ever such a long time (OK, I haven't managed to catch all of them..... and I'm usually too drunk to remember them in any details afterwards.....); and it was pretty fucking exciting to watch that with a bunch of Pats (and Giants) fans.

Maybe next year will be the Packers' year.....

The British Cowboy said...

Nope - this year was a miracle year. Everything fell right till the last game. They simply weren't that good.

Also, I watched the game from home, while working, which destroys the fun when you don't care about the result. So I accept I am biased in my view of it.