Wednesday, February 13, 2008

10,000 Maniacs

Well, actually, 10,295 maniacs...... and counting.

I suppose there must have been a slight growth in traffic of late, since - despite the inevitable lull in blog-browsing around the major holidays - we have reached this heady total barely 2 months after passing the 8,000 visitor threshold. This would seem to indicate that I am now attracting around 1,000 hits a month; hardly a stellar figure, but an advance on the 600 or 700 we were getting for most of last year.

Well, I had promised a post to commemorate this milestone.... but I can't now think of anything to say. Except - Thanks for stopping by. And, you stay classy, Froog fans.

And here's a video of 10,000 Maniacs for you. God, this makes me feel old. Is it really nearly 15 years since Natalie Merchant left them? This is Because The Night, from their swan-song appearance on 'MTV Unplugged'.

Well, what do you know - that original video selection got deleted from YouTube the very next day. Let's see if this fares any better (I think it's from the same TV concert, so if there were copyright issues with MTV, I fear it will also be at risk - enjoy it while you can). This is the band getting countrified (just for you, British Cowboy!), with David Byrne joining them for Let The Mystery Be, Jolene, and Dallas - great stuff.


Tulsa said...

saw the counter pop over 10,000 a few days ago and was wondering when we'd get our promised treat.

alas, your youtube clip seems to be malfunctioning at the moment... guess i'll check it out later. or maybe i'll just pop over to and have a lookey.

Froog said...

It probably won't be any better over on YouTube. Everything's very slow and glitchy at the moment - high traffic during the holiday, or some other problem?? Bloody Chinese Internet!

Froog said...

When I first responded to this comment, T, the link was still working fine, both here on the embedded link and direct on YouTube (albeit slow and glitchy, as we regularly expect from the Chinese Internet). The next day I found that the original link was gone altogether.

However, I think this replacement I've pasted in is even better.