Saturday, December 22, 2007

Chinese people LOVE me! (12)

"Chinese people love me because..... I sometimes sing as I walk home at night."

I'm not fond of singing, in general, and don't reckon I have much of a voice. However, I have developed a habit of venting my occasional feelings of elation (I am classically bi-polar) with a song here and there, particularly as a pleasing distraction to 'shorten' the walk home from wherever I've been drinking of an evening. I am particularly besotted with my immediate neighbourhood, and the characterful hutong side-streets that I so often detour down - and so my special 'theme song' here in China has become 'The Street Where You Live' from My Fair Lady.

Any Chinese who happen to witness this solitary midnight crooning of mine always seem to be tremendously amused by it. Though I am inclined to think that they welcome any such corroboration of the common national prejudice that all foreigners are crazy - rather than appreciating the singing itself or the exuberant good spirits it demonstrates.

Note that I am doing my best to get into some 'Holiday Spirit' here.....


homeinkabul said...

I bet they'd like you more if you sang the "Last Christmas I gave you my heart, but the very next day, you gave it away" song by George Michael.

Froog said...

Aaah, puke!

Well, possibly - Wham! did play here back in the 80s (one of the first - and for many years, only - Western bands given permission to appear); but oddly enough, I've never heard any of their songs played here. (Cue sigh of relief!)

Edelweiss would be a more popular choice here, I think.

Or, of course, Yesterday Once More.

Or the execrable Take Me To Your Heart.

I did a couple of posts a year ago about Chinese taste (or the lack of it) in music.

Happy Holidays!

homeinkabul said...

I adore the Sound of Music and cry every time I see the Edelweiss scene.

So if you sang it around me, I might cry.

fg said...

Wait! you don't like George Michael and/or Wham. Hmmm, I think you must be "too old" to remember and appreciate them.

he he

Such a nice man too, very good manners - not that is a criteria for liking his music as such.

Froog said...

So, FG, you are a girl! I'd long suspected as much. No boys like Wham. That's pretty much a rule. No straight boys, anyway.

You wouldn't be talking about his toilet 'manners' then? I daresay they are impeccable too, but it's not a milieu I wish to become familiar with.

I've been in that toilet, and I have to say, it creeped me out a bit when I found out subsequently. There were no rock stars (or anyone else) soliciting for disposable sex when I made my visit - thankfully.