Monday, November 12, 2007

Chinese people LOVE me! (3)

"Chinese people love me because...... I don't steal their women!"

Which makes me something of a rarity - not to say a freak - among the expat community here.

Not too sure whether this one works, actually. I think the average Chinese male, in addition to the deep feelings of inadequacy and insecurity whipped up by the fact that such significant numbers of his countrywomen do seem to prefer foreigners, tends to think - with a mixture of unquenchable paranoia and wounded patriotic pride - that I must be after 'his' women, really..... and that if I'm not, my aberrant girlfriend-preference should be taken as an insult to the whole country.

Yep, I fear this one may be more of a "Chinese people hate me" entry.....

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Anonymous said...

btw, i love this series. and the inspiring web site is hilarious. I totally want to spill out a million witty "Chinese people Love me because..." comments, but at the moment if I don't finish all the work they left behind for me while they're off with their toes in the sand and the sun on their back, I'm guessing I won't be that loved.