Thursday, October 04, 2007

Which Dwarf are you?

Sometimes (surprise, surprise) I am Grumpy. Mostly - bizarre as it may seem - I am Doc.

But this week I am definitely Sleepy.

I went to bed before midnight last night (practically unheard of for me), and slept for nearly 10 hours. I had a very lazy and unproductive day slobbing around the apartment. And then, immediately after supper, I crashed out on my sofa for another hour-and-a-half. And now, I feel pretty much ready for bed again, although it's only a little after 10pm.

Perhaps I need it. I did have an outrageously stressful and gruelling month at work in September. And that was followed by a week of particularly hard partying with a buddy from out of town last week.

One of the few memorable lines from the last novel I read was: "He stared into the mirror, as if at a photograph he was trying to remember."

I've had that feeling often this week. God, I look rough. Ol' Panda Eyes is back!

Maybe a few more early nights and long lie-ins and unsociable days of inactivity will restore me. I hope so.

I'm a little sceptical about this, though. Usually when I sleep excessively but don't feel rested, it's a sign of a humongous depression taking hold.

Got to shake myself out of this!! Nasty, yappy little black dog, away with you.


omg said...

Generally I am Bashful. But when I'm Sleepy or Sneezy I'm also Grumpy.

Best of luck on becoming Happy.

moonrat said...

i'm dopey.