Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The question you should never ask

Of course, all this talk of birthdays is likely, I know, to arouse a certain curiosity in my readers.

I believe Oscar Wilde once said:
"After 25, everyone is the same age."

That's the only answer you will ever get from me. Don't bother to ask!


Anonymous said...

he he

When people write/say things like that, my first thought is, 'oh, must be old.'

The British Cowboy said...

The important thing to remember, froog, is that you are older than me.

Froog said...

No, Cowboy, we're both "25+".

The British Cowboy said...

But in true Oxford style, I think you count as 25++.

Froog said...

Well, it's better than being a 30+/-?, I suppose.

I'm sure I got a grade that looked like that on one of my final papers.