Sunday, October 14, 2007


There is some construction work currently going on with the moat at the junction with the 2nd Ringroad by my nearest subway stop.

There is a truck offloading scaffolding. Some hundreds of hollow metal pipes. They are being rolled off the side of the truck on to the roadside, rolled down a steep, knobbly bank, and are then going over a sheer drop of 15 or 20 feet on to the bare concrete bed of the canal. And they are doing this, with great care and deliberation, one at a time.

Can you imagine what a racket that makes?

There are supposedly laws prohibiting the carrying on of noisy construction work near to residential areas between the hours of 11pm and 6am; but these are seldom if ever enforced. And doubtless the canny truck driver would argue that this is not construction, it is merely delivery of materials. Oiveh!

It's now 12.45am. And this seems likely to carry on for quite some time.

My apartment is half a mile away from this unloading operation, but.... yes, I can still hear it!

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