Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Nanny giveth, and The Nanny taketh away...

I discovered - quite by chance - just the other day that the long-standing block on Blogspot in China has been lifted. I was Googling for some birthday-related images I might be able to post, and one of the pics I was checking out happened to be on a Blogspot blog. I hadn't noticed this, just clicked on the link, was amazed when I found the page displaying on Explorer. I have no idea why China's Net Nanny has decided to relent on this ban (and the decision may well be reversed at any moment, with similar absence of rationale), but I am touched and grateful.

However.... we have been without YouTube since last Tuesday. Why?? You bastards! I imagine it's probably something to do with the current shindig for the 17th Party Congress; but is there something in particular they don't want us to be watching at the moment? Demonstrations in Myanmar?? A speech by the Dalai Lama?? I am particularly vexed by this loss of service because I had just located some rather good clips of my local musical hero Xiao He in concert and was looking forward to posting them for you on the Barstool. One day, one day....

What is, if anything, even more annoying is that the censors have also just found a way to block Wikipedia even via the Firefox proxy-routing that has served us so well for the past several months.

It looks as though I am finally going to have to get around to checking out the proxy software that Jeremiah recommended a few weeks back. Groan.


Anonymous said...

yes, and daily show is blocked too.

I'm all out of sorts. not sure if your lethargy is rubbing off or the world is conspiring against me (perhaps as a payback for the blissful 2 weeks that just passed) but nothing seems to be quite right at the moment.

when oh when does this Party Congress come to an end?

Froog said...

Don't let it get you down, T.

At least the bloody Congress is over any day now.

Maybe then we'll get YouTube back.